Omnipresent: A Different View

April 11 – April 12, 2014
Thursday – Friday
12pm – 8pm
20140411 12:00:00 20140412 18:00:00 America/New_York Omnipresent: A Different View Red Bull Studios New York 220 w 18th Street 10011 New York, NY USA

Original artwork from the science fiction publication Omni Magazine will be featured in the gallery space. In addition, the installation will feature iconic Omni Magazine imagery, each presented through vintage style ViewMasters, and accompanied by an original score composed by DJ and producer King Britt.

A foreword on the exhibition by Claire L. Evans, editor-in-chief of OmniReboot:

“Omni was a magazine about the future. From 1978 to 1998, Omni blew minds by regularly featuring extensive Q&As with some of the top scientists of the 20th century–E.O. Wilson, Francis Crick, Jonas Salk–tales of the paranormal, and some of the most important science fiction to ever see magazine publication.

Omni was the only magazine to blend science, science fiction, flashy graphic design, and a gonzo editorial eye into one beautiful package. Ben Bova, the six-time Hugo award-winner who edited Omni for five years, explains it this way: “Omni is not a science magazine. It is a magazine about the future.”

Nothing was beyond contemplation, no subject too outré, from spiritual astronauts to bio-engineered children. Its tone was both breezy and erudite; the masthead, peppered with names like Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke, read more like Playboy than National Geographic. In short, there was nothing else like it–not before, not since.”

-Claire L. Evans